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Im 19 Years old living in a small town called Rotorua in the small country of New Zealand, i am engaged to a wonderful Guy whose profession is in IT-- we live in a cute little apartment 15mins walk from the city centre. Im currently jobless looking for my calling Ha Ha I'm Planning on going to study the art of make up next year and finally make something of myself, and do what i really wanna do, achieve all my goals and travel in my profession

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Haha So Much For The Everyday posting... it's been like a week
Well im back home now and things were going great- partner is still amazing and helpful but my motivation and determination to get healthy and loose weight fell with the downpour of rain! Seasonal Affected Disorder is Totally real!! HAha The weather when i got back was great-- for like 2 days! Then All Motivation and Determination disappeared -- I got my healthy food, fruit, veges, real herbs spices and meat- yet i still snacked... i never finish something i start and it brings tears to my eyes.. i plan to change my life and do all the things that ive mentioned and planned to do and then a week later i have no will left to carry it on and its like WHY?? its not like its hard-- its so simple and should be so natural yet even that i find hard-- is anyone even reading this? But yet my expectations for this are probably just as high as my expectations to be in a healthy routine right now... No patients!

Will have an early night tonight and try again tomorrow--- Wish me luck

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