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Im 19 Years old living in a small town called Rotorua in the small country of New Zealand, i am engaged to a wonderful Guy whose profession is in IT-- we live in a cute little apartment 15mins walk from the city centre. Im currently jobless looking for my calling Ha Ha I'm Planning on going to study the art of make up next year and finally make something of myself, and do what i really wanna do, achieve all my goals and travel in my profession

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where to start...?

I don't really know why i have started this or if anyone will even read it but i figure for my own personal tracking, i will start a blog of my progress in the art of confidence..

The goal- Ha!
Well i have a few.. first things first... the weight... lets start small shall we... lets say - lose 10 kg by... new years? is that even do able with my lack of motivation... here's hoping.. that's 10kgs to lose and 3 weeks to do it... 

next goal- healthy diet
 I'm not doing too badly but I'm still a sucker for the sweet things... i need to start with a routine to be asleep by 11pm and awake at 7am and then i can start making sure i have breakfast in the morning... weet bix is supposed to be good right? a snack of fruit around 10.30am and a healthy lunch of uh mm... who knows ha ha! as long as it consists of fruit and veges... need to cut out white bread and replace that with  multi-grain bread, i managed to substitute full cream milk for lite blue milk so no its time to change that again to green milk.. minimise the amount of coffee i drink (note to self- invest in a alternative) 

next goal- daily exercise!
now i have just moved into a very cute apartment not far from the lake front so my next challenge is to force myself to to go for at least a ten minute walk along the lakefront in the mornings.. ha ha! yeah that will wake me up for sure! ready to take on the day for my next goal...

Job!... a horrid task that needs to be done.. i need to make more of an effort to walk my curriculum vitae around all the motels and stores near by and put myself out there- May as well put a sign on my head saying HIRE ME!

Well i have to say that's all i have at this stage.. will try to remember to update my blog on my progress everyday (can't monitor this on face book as there would be far too much cattiness and the typical no one cares about your life, write it in a diary!)

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