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Im 19 Years old living in a small town called Rotorua in the small country of New Zealand, i am engaged to a wonderful Guy whose profession is in IT-- we live in a cute little apartment 15mins walk from the city centre. Im currently jobless looking for my calling Ha Ha I'm Planning on going to study the art of make up next year and finally make something of myself, and do what i really wanna do, achieve all my goals and travel in my profession

Friday, December 10, 2010

Day 1

Not a very good start... read my book (Size 12 is not fat- Meg Cabot) till 2am cause i couldnt sleep

Woke up at 8.40 to my mother singing happy birthday to herself (LOL)
had a very nice but not so healthy breakfast of devils on horseback (prunes wrapped in bacon) fried potato's and scrambled eggs... which was sooo yummy!! lol

and have basically been sitting on my arse all morning.. my mother and my grandmother went for a walk, i should have gone - but the left whilst i was in the shower... ah well haha

but hey its only midday... and i have a 21st to go to tonight so i will work off my food with dancing haha

Stay Tuned ...

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